Somewhere in all that travel advice, along with taking malarial pills (every single day) and not walking along unlit streets, lurks that bit about avoiding crowded areas.

Only thing is, to really get to know a place, it’s hard to follow all that advice, all of the time.

So, last night after devouring spicy grilled catfish (again, so next time I will try the croaker fish) at the Mammy market, it was time to join the crowd in the dark at Harrow Park, Abuja for a night of afrobeats music. I’m only sorry that we gave up and left before the headline acts that my host and friend, David, had been waiting to see with great patience. Despite that (David may have a different view) it was a wonderful night out under the warm dusty sky, sharing a slice of local culture in the dark with a crowd of locals up for a party.

Oh, and there is a golf course on site, which of course explained why there were so many large guys wearing flack jackets and carrying golf clubs 😉 No?

The poor quality of my photos is a combination of my failure to figure out the settings of my camera to cope with the dark night, the wildly changing stage stage lighting and, just possibly, the effects of an unlabelled bottle of potent home brewed Nigerian ale. See above for advice on what to do and what not to do, oops.


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