about nigeriastreets

This blog is where I am recording my experiences and feelings during the few months that I will spend living and working in Abuja, Nigeria.

The country can be found on the Gulf of Guinea on the western coast of tropical Africa, it has a population of in the region of 180 million. Ok, at this point I will stop, if you are reading this page I imagine that you have access to the net and can look up the facts and figures on a zillion other websites.

This blog is not about facts and figures. It’s about feelings and emotions. It’s about experiences and photographs. It’s about life. It’s about how I feel about this country and the thoughts it provokes. So let’s see where it leads.

If you do want more information and like old fashioned books you could take a look at Bradt’s Nigeria written by Lizzie Williams, Culture Smart’s Nigeria by Diane Lemieux or look up the relevant chapter in any of the main travel guides including Lonely Planet and the Rough Guides.

My first post Things Fall Apart took a look at Chinua Achebe’s famous novel first published in 1958.

At the end of my first week I was also generously provided with a copy of the just published first edition of Abuja City Info, a magazine presenting a cosmopolitan view of what to do in Abuja.

One week in I have met some great people, received a warm welcome and already come to realise that this is like no other country I have ever visited.

Bring it on.

Andy Townend
Abuja, Nigeria
November 2016